Sqibl – My First Video Project with HealthComm

First, a little about Sqibl.

Sqibl is a pretty great communication portal that allows you to manage content and share information across a corporate network.

On the back end, it’s a multi-functional content management system that enables you to deliver high-quality content, like news, updates, events, live documents, and media, to team members on the network.

On the front end, it is an interactive desktop tool that lets your team share content with individuals within the network.

One of the things that excited me about this project was the attitude of the owner of HealthComm. He really promotes your creativity and I was given free reign on the project.

So, I wrote the script, storyboarded everything out, put all the assets together, found the music, did the voice over, and went to town.

The video is about 2 minutes long and took almost two months to create because of the asset-heavy content. It was built with Flash and finished with Camtasia Studio.

You can see more of my video work at YouTube.

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