RJN Search Video Series That Never Got Published

As part of our promotional ideas for RightJobNow, we decided it would be a good idea to make some informative videos about the search functions of the product and from there, include other features that make RightJobNow unique to other ATS overlays.

The series was never published, however. We were concerned about the sound quality and were on the hunt for a new sound booth and microphone. And as fate would have it, by the time we got the new equipment, the face of the product had changed dramatically and the videos were largely irrelevant, despite the functionality remaining the same.

Anyway, this first set is a four-part series on RightJobNow Search and the different ways candidates can find jobs. I hadn’t done anything like this since the Sqibl video, but the challenge was fun and minus some poor sound quality in the narration, I think the videos turned out well.

The first is an overview of RightJobNow Search and runs through the three operations of the search functionality: Location, Map, and Keyword.

The second video covers Location Search. The third deals with Map Search, and the final video is about Keyword Search.

I didn’t realize this but from the data collected over the years that RightJobNow has been in the works, keyword search is barely used when the other two searches are available. The top choice is Location, then Map, if you’re interested.

The videos are basically animated screen shots. Altogether, they took about a month to produce. Photoshop was used for some assets, but mostly it was put together in Adobe Flash and completed in Premiere.

The Overview

Location Search

Map Search

Keyword Search

For more videos, please visit me on YouTube.

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