Returning Applicant Using RightJobNow Apply Video

Following the success of the first-time applicant video, we did a follow-up piece for returning applicants using RightJobNow Apply.

This video follows an applicant who has already created an account with the client ATS and has synced the account with RightJobNow to be able to apply to as many jobs as preferred on the RightJobNow platform.

As with the previous video, you are lead through the process on a mobile device to show how easy it is to apply to any job with RightJobNow.

The video was narrated by me. I edited the script for clarity and brevity where needed to make transitions smoother.

Outside of the opening and closing sequences with the logo, the video is made entirely of animated screenshots using Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, and finished in Premiere.

You can see more of my video work at YouTube.

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