First-Time Applicant Using RightJobNow Apply Video

For one of our clients at HealthComm, we decided to create a walk-through on how the RightJobNow apply process works for first-time applicants.

It’s pretty straight forward. I kept it simple and without music to be as least distracting as possible.

The video is a series of animated screenshots of the actual client product. I chose to use a mobile device to show how elegant and beautiful the RightJobNow platform can be, even from a phone.

I think the video captures the essence of the platform, showcasing just how incredible a client application can look on a mobile device, where their ATS simply fails to deliver.

The narration was recorded in a closet, as I couldn’t find a quiet place in my house that didn’t produce a tinny sound, even with the portable sound booth that I use.

Everything was done using Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, and was finished with Adobe Premiere.

You can see more of my video work at YouTube.

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