I Optimize Website Copy That Boosts Your Bottom Line

Phil Foxwell, SEO Copywriter

I’ve worked at creating optimized content online since 2000.

I got my start writing for any local business with a website that would give me a chance.

By 2006 I was running several competitive web properties of my own as an online marketer, honing my skills on how to best optimize website copy to capture organic traffic from Google.

In the summer of 2011, I put online marketing on the back burner to run with the Merry Fools gang as their senior content strategist and in-house SEO consultant.

It remains a great place to be employed.

While I post most of my work over at the Merry Fools blog, on SEO and how your business can succeed with the right strategy, I will sometimes publish content here that doesn’t quite work there. That is, given the time.

Feel free to contact me about anything concerning optimizing copy or writing in general. I’m always willing to share my approach.

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